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Anonymous Surfing Software and How to Surf Safely 17/11/2008

Posted by suretianto in internet.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can surf securely on the web without your connection and identity being logged at every turn, your are not alone. Nowadays with the increasing threat of identity thieves and computer criminals many people are looking at anonymous surfing software and proxies.

It is quite remarkable how much of our web surfing habits is available quite easily to anyone who wants it. Your IP address can be linked to your home address extremely easily nowadays and every web site you ever visit is recorded in lots of places your ISP logs, the server logs you visit and that’s without all the people intercepting traffic via your wireless lan or sitting outside coffee shops and airports.

There has recently been a European directive to tell ISPs to store records of all web traffic, emails for two years and many are following the UKs lead on setting up a central database that stores all this information. Can you imagine what this information is going to be used for – I personally dread to think. The security risks are bad enough now how many ISPs have high security for all your data stored in their logs I wonder.

Anyway you can secure your web surfing but you’ll need some anonymous surfing software to do it properly. Many people use free anonymous proxies in the mistaken belief that keeps them secure unfortunately it’s a long way from the truth. Sure the proxy will stop your IP address being logged on the web server you visit but it will still be passed through in clear text and every site will be logged on the ISP logs. Worse still many of the free anonymous proxies are riddled with viruses, and actually run by hacking groups to steal and intercept your information – well what do you expect for free ! Even the ones that are safe make browsing extremely slow What you need to keep your information and data secure is the following –

  • To be able to use multiple secure anonymous proxies that stops your IP address being logged on the web servers you visit
  • A fast proxy that doesn’t slow your connection down and you can use to visit all sorts of web sites securely
  • Anonymous surfing software that encrypts your connection with a military grade cipher making all your information unreadable to anyone including hackers, governments and identity thieves!

It sounds like a tall order but in fact there is a product available that can do all this and much more, I’ve been using it for a while and it’s by far the most secure anonymous surfing software, nothing else comes close. All my information is encrypted and unreadable from the minute it leaves my machine and it has loads of proxies in different countries so that I can appear to come from any country I wish.

If you want to surf the internet in private without being spied on, you can find out the product I use from the link below.

Anonymous Surfer



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